Bella Thorne Got Her First Bikini Wax And Since She DGAF She Snapchatted The Whole Thing

Bella Thorne has had herself one hell of a wild past week.

As we pointed out on Tuesday, Thorne spent some time recently rocking a see-through shirt, making out with a hot friend (and a banana) and before that did a sexy Marilyn Monroe-themed photo shoot.

Another thing she did on Tuesday was get her very first bikini wax. And yes, it was as awkward, comical and painful as it sounds.

Naturally, being one of the queens of Snapchat Thorne had to make everyone who wanted to could watch it all unfold live.

The lucky videographer did make sure to blur out anything that would violate any terms of misconduct on social media, but it doesn’t take much imagination to understand what was happening.

Check it out…

I think I’d have to put that video somewhere between when Christina Milian got her nipple pierced and that other video Milian did where she got her butthole waxed. I’ll leave it up to you to determine your own order of preference.

[protected-iframe id=”fb8b6dc64176944fea60d3143784ff66-97886205-92827192″ info=”” ]

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