Best Sport Ever Created: Stacked Brazilian Chicks Playing Slip-N-Slide Basketball Can’t Keep Their Tops On

You really do NOT need to speak Portuguese to appreciate this video. In fact, you don’t need any language comprehension whatsoever because all you should be doing here is appreciating the stacked Brazilian bodies.

I apologize if this is a well-known sport in Brazil, but I’ve never seen nor heard of it until today. It appears to be some sort of slip-n-slide basketball dunk contest. But instead of basketballs they’re trying to dunk inflatable geese, and instead of basketball shorts these ladies are wearing skimpy bikinis and their tops keep falling off.

I’m not exactly a soothsayer, per say, but I’m willing to predict a hypothetical future here: if we were to introduce this sport to America it would be very, very successful on television. In America, we love ladies who stay ridiculously fit and look spectacular in bikinis, and likewise, we go gaga over a good dunk contest. This combines two loves into one fantastic sport.

What were the little people doing in that game? I really don’t know. Like I said, I don’t speak Portuguese.

Brazil Bikini Dunk Contest

YouTube / Programa Pânico

(h/t TheOcho)

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