Former Dolphins Cheerleader Brianne Herndon Has All The Right Moves, Especially In A Bikini

Bros love cheerleaders, this I know for a fact. The reasons why seem pretty obvious, but just in case it’s somehow unclear, feast your eyes on former Dolphins cheerleader Brianne Herndon in a bikini and I think it will become very apparent.

Herndon, as is always the case every month, is a yet another stellar new find by our buds over at Bikini Team as she has been named their May 2016 Model of the Month.

How these guys keep discovering one sexy woman after another, and then are lucky enough to get to them to pose in sexy bikinis is a mystery I would surely like to unlock.

Makes me really wish I had taken a bunch of photography classes in college.

Check out the rest of Brianne’s sexy pics from this shoot as well as all their other models over at

And now watch more girls in bikinis play with piglets because it’s wonderful…