Sultry Britney Spears Dances Around In A Bikini In Sexy New Videos

If I told you to check out pics of a 34-year-old woman born in Mississippi (The fattest state in the United States for the 10th straight year) with two kids, you probably wouldn’t be too stoked to spend your valuable time doing so. However, Britney Spears has defied her blubbery roots, put aside the bags of Fritos with chili and cheese shoveled into it and flaunts her very tantalizing figure.

Britney shows off her sexy body in three new video on Instagram of her dancing around in a bikini as the song “S.O.B.” by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats plays in the background.

For those who just came here for the MILF T&A you can stop reading, for those who care about Britney’s musical talents please continue.

Could these videos be a hint that she is releasing new music in the near future? In November, Britney confirmed that she is working on a new album. Britney hasn’t put out an album since 2013 with “Britney Jean.”

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