Sensational Brittany Renner Is The Greatest Soccer Player I’ve Ever Seen (20 Pics)

BroBible readers, meet the sensational Brittany Renner. Besides being incredibly gorgeous, she’s quite the soccer player.

Sure the scintillating Brittany Renner is scoring on an open net, but it’s easy to see that she’s got real talent exuding out of her.

As if you needed more proof of her soccer skills, but here is more video evidence.

Don’t sleep on her hoop game either.

But it’s not just sports that she excels at.

She’s stupendous at going to the gym.

She’s superb at standing near brick walls.

She’s awesome at being a Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

She rocks at wearing bikini tops that are way too small.

She’s fantastic at supporting the Buckeyes.

She can go in a pool.

The captivating Brittany seems to be proficient at using her phone.

She’s got rhythm.

She can work it.

I’m a big fan.

I think we could all use a drink right now to quench our thirst.

So thirsty.

You’re welcome.