Bro Gets Spanked by Chrissy Teigen with a ‘Fraternity Paddle’

Yesterday was Belgium’s National Day, so last night I went to a dinner hosted by Stella Artois on Stone Street in Lower Manhattan. I like free beer and Cidre as much as the next guy, but the main attraction was the meal: Juicy steak frites, fresh-baked Belgian breads and cheeses, and mouth-watering tomato tarts, all perfectly paired with crisp and refreshing Stella. Mmmm.

The host of the event was the the former BroBible Ask a Babe columnist Chrissy Teigen, who stars in a new web series by Stella called “the Butcher, the Baker, the Belgian Beer Maker,” alongside Aliya LeeKong and Cara Nicoletti.

When I went up to introduce myself, she gave a huge hug, followed by an enthusiastic”I LOVE BROBIBLE!” As we chit-chatted, Teigen snatched a paddle-shaped cheese/cutting board from a nearby friend and said “It’s like a fraternity paddle! I’m going to paddle you!”

And that’s exactly what she did. Thus, the time I got paddled by Chrissy Teigen:

Never change, Chrissy. Never fucking change:

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