Bros Who Go To This School Will Be Happy To Know ‘Modern Family’ Star Ariel Winter Will Be Joining Them In The Fall

Ariel Winter is the one girl that no Bro can refuse. Not only is she already super successful at the young age of 18 with a starring role on Modern Family, but come her 18th birthday she immediately started sharing bikini photos and other “busty” pics on Instagram, AKA pandering directly to her audience. If that’s not self-awareness in the entertainment industry, I don’t know what is.

But if you haven’t been convinced that Ariel is truly a rarity in Hollywood, check out her latest Instagram post:

Yep, girl will be attending UCLA as part of the class of 2020 in the fall, a feat that most celebs can’t attest to. So if you’re an incoming freshman at UCLA, get pumped for the possibility (albeit small one) that you could be sharing a class with Ariel Winter…or hell, maybe you’ll even run into her at a frat party. Who knows? The potential possibilities are endless. But make sure not to mess with her, as her response to the people who hated on her breast reduction surgery was fucking epic: