Carlo Gugino’s Underrated Hotness Is On Display As She Strips Down On The Beach

by 3 years ago
carla gugino topless beach pic

Carlo Gugino, Instagram

Carla Gugino is one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood as far as I am concerned. She’s been in dozens of films and done tons of TV shows. Her IMDb list of credits is damn near endless. Yet despite her massive productivity we never hear her name when it comes time for award season. Why is that?

For some reason, despite Carlo Gugino obviously always being in demand, she never seems to land one of those Oscar-bait type roles. Is this by her choice or are they not being offered to her? Maybe she’ll get one of those later in life like that dude from the Farmers Insurance commercials did this year.

Anyway, here she is, on the beach (literally on it), looking super hot at age 44. So at least she’s got that going for her right now.

Some bonus pics because she is such a babe…