Charlotte McKinney Putting Her Bikini Top To The Test Was The Real Highlight Of The Weekend

Oh sure, the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship in amazing fashion. And yeah, Dustin Johnson overcame the USGA’s idiocy to capture the US Open. But the real highlight of the weekend, at least for me, was the fact that Charlotte McKinney went to the beach.

Call it priorities, I guess.

I mean, the last time I wrote up something on Charlotte it was because she was actually topless, so this isn’t quite as good as that. However, any time Miss McKinney hits the beach in a bikini top that looks like it’s hanging on for dear life that to me is a good day.

See if you don’t agree…

Obligatory bonus pics, because we haven’t checked in on her Instagram much lately and too much Charlotte McKinney is never enough…

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