Dreams Do Come True: Charlotte McKinney Posed Completely Topless For A Photo Shoot

charlotte mckinney topless photo

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I don’t know if Charlotte McKinney has yet to live up to the hype as being the “next Kate Upton” as people kept claiming she would be someday, but you’ll get no complaints from me.

I always leaned towards the notion that she’d be better off just being the first Charlotte McKinney and setting her own bar for success.

One way you can definitely do that in which Upton has not is to pose completely topless. Like, you’re not a “true” supermodel until you take your top off in the name of “art.” It’s a fashion thing or something. All the really big names in modeling have done it.

And while I can’t show you the actual topless photo of Charlotte McKinney here, family site and all, I can direct you to where you might see it (here, here or here).

I can also share these recent photos of Charlotte in which she isn’t wearing a stitch of clothing, which are also not too shabby. (Okay, she has boots on in the last one, but do boots count as clothing? I guess they might. Eh, doesn’t matter.)

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