Charlotte McKinney’s Boobs Are The Cure For All The World’s Problems

charlotte mckinney bikini boobs


Charlotte McKinney, who we have speculated in the past might be the next Kate Upton, came to the rescue of one very sad and brokenhearted young man in truly the most effective and really, wisest way possible on Tosh.0 this week: by showing off her boobs in a bikini and then jamming the kid’s face into them. She is the TRUE Messenger of Peace.

charlotte mckinney tosh


Charlotte McKinney in that bikini top almost makes it all worth him looking like a pussy-whipped little crybaby in that video, doesn’t it?

charlotte mckinney boobs


Now how do you work this Web cam here? I have a really sad video of my own to make…

charlotte mckinney bikini


H/T BarstoolU

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