Ridiculously Hot Reporter Cheers on Chile Against Brazil by Flashing Everyone

The American media really stinks in fielding smokeshow sports reporters compared to Latin America. Scintillating Jhendelyn Núñez is just another sultry example on how Latin America just dominates the United States in hot reporters. In a sheer move of genius, Chile’s TV Channel 13 sent the gorgeous model to Brazil to cover the World Cup. Apparently the mesmerizing Jhendelyn has quite a bit of experience in television, like this appearance where she appeared in her panties and was spanked.

And this video of her applying sunscreen in a bikini . Gotta respect a woman who can be all sexy to “Again” by Lenny Kravitz.

On Saturday she helped rally her home country of Chile by flashing everyone and exposing her very patriotic bra.

Chile sees your news integrity and raises your dicks with sensational models. They are the true champions of the World Cup, but we are all winners thanks to Jhendelyn Núñez.

Pics via Jhendelyn’s Instagram.