Sooo… Chrissy Teigen Got Naked Again For Another Sexy Photo Shoot

Chrissy Teigen gives the people what they want.

Chrissy Teigen, obviously one of our all time favorite models, has been on quite a roll lately. And much of it has involved her being naked.

She’s obviously very comfortable with her body and for that we applaud her.

This time Chrissy Teigen decided to get naked for Women’s Health UK’s appropriately named “Naked Issue.” Good job, Women’s Health UK.

Here’s what the cover looks like…


And here’s a better shot of that pic without all the “writing” as well as being the only photo that we can share here.


But rest assured, there is more Chrissy Teigen nakedness to be found, especially of the booty variety. Just click right…over…here. You’re welcome. Just performing a public service, people.