And Here’s Chrissy Teigen Just Sitting Around Naked Casually Having A Conversation With Someone

Chrissy Teigen has had herself quite a month.

Most recently we saw her celebrating Valentine’s Day wearing red nipple pasties while she lip-synced and danced around.

Before that she got so hammered at the Grammys that she stole part of the set and was a part of some of the best social media drunkenness we’ve seen in some time.

And prior to that she attended the Super Bowl where she flashed her nipple to the tens of millions who watched it on TV.

Now she’s doing her thing as a part of the latest edition of the SI Swimsuit Issue.

She’s right about the tinier the suit, the hotter you look, but behind the scenes she has even gone one step further: being totally buck-naked.

I have never wanted to be the editor of the SI Swimsuit Issue more than I do right at this moment. And I’ve wanted that job for a long, long time.

Here are a few more reasons why, also courtesy of our favorite model on social media…

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