Officers Suspended For Supplying Guns, Tanks To Models For Video Shoot That Every American Should See

Two Utah Police officers were suspended without pay for lending bikini models guns and tanks for a video shoot and doing humanity a very sexy favor. The men were disciplined for conduct that brings discredit to an officer or agency, wearing their uniform for a promotion of a product, and for not having sex with every one of them. Ok the last one was my charge, but it’s legit the only valid one. Except maybe the wearing their uniform one, because they should have been ass naked.

As far as the extent of the discipline (and I choose not to use their names citing Bro Code), but Hero 1 was suspended one day without pay and Hero 2, three days without pay (must have smashed).

Let’s find a little perspective here, America. We live in a world where cops can strangle a dude to death without consequence but when a couple officer bros attempt to use their profession to make an American Sniper meets Baywatch masterpiece, they are smacked with the inconsistent dick of the Law. I just don’t even know anymore.

After watching this video, I can’t decide if I want to go to join the military or bust out the lotion and give myself a tug while Enya’s “Return to Innocence” plays softly in the background. I hope you after watching this, you all enjoy the same dilemma.

Via Huffington Post

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