The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Had Their Bikini Fittings And Some Smart Person Took Pictures

You know how every year NFL cheerleading squads, like say, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, put out bikini calendars? You do? Good. Well, the cheerleaders don’t just show up and put on any old bikini for those photos. Oh no. They have to come in, try some on, see what works and what doesn’t work, then they fly somewhere and look pretty on a beach or in a jungle for the camera.

Today was that day for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Much like the NFL Combine and Draft this is an important day in the NFL season. Why it doesn’t appear on the NFL Network in a loop all day is a mystery, but at least we have Twitter. And so do the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. God bless ’em.

Here’s a sampling…

Tons more over on their Twitter feed. Go knock yourself out.