After Watching Daniela Lopez’s Butt Bounce Around In The Best GIF Ever You’ll Need A ‘Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot’ Shot

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I’m almost ashamed to admit up until someone sent me this supercut GIF yesterday of Daniela Lopez’s butt I’d never heard of her, but now that her name is on my radar and I’ve had ample time to stalk her Instagram if I were you bros I’d expect to see her on the regular here on BroBible.

There are good GIFs, ones that you’re willing to share with one or two of your bros via group text because you laughed and found there to be some common interest worth sharing. Then there are truly GREAT GIFs, GIFs so f*cking spectacular that you feel the need to share them with everyone you know. This GIF of Daniela Lopez’s butt bouncing around again and again and again is in that latter category, it’s so good that when a buddy of mine first texted it to me yesterday I knew I had to share it with you bros today. The entire world needs to see Daniela Lopez’s butt, and they need to see it on repeat:

As I mentioned before after I saw that GIF I had to do some research and find out more about Daniela Lopez, who’s killing it on Instagram right now and is an IMG model here in NYC:

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Morning ☀️ Another one from @delmarswimwear

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Still rolling around in bed 💋

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For more photos of Daniela Lopez be sure to check out her full Instagram feed by clicking above, you can also follow her on Twitter here. And for those of you wondering what the heck ‘Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot‘ is then follow that link, because it’s been brought to my attention that there are those among us who had cooties-free childhoods.

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