Dealing with my ex

​So i just broke up with my girlfriend 2 days ago. The problem is i didn’t really have a reason for it. i just wasn’t feeling the same way any more and figured i should end it instead of leading her on until i found a reason to end it. i’m one of her few friends here on campus and i used to be the one she told everything to. now that i’m gone though she still wants to see me and got really emotional the few times we’ve talked since the break up. i’m feeling really guilty because she just wants answers and closure as to why i did it, and the reason is a very disappointing ‘just because’. i can’t tell if meeting with her is helping or hurting the situation. we dated for a pretty long time so its not like i just don’t care about her any more. while i really don’t have any interest in dating her any more it does pain me to see her hurting so bad. i want her to be okay and as cheesy as it is i would still like to be friends when its all said and done. WHAT DO I DO?! 

P.S. i don’t want some jerkoff comment like “throw that bitch to the side and find a new slam piece” i really need some real advice.