Here Are 20 AMAZING Reasons Why You Would Want Stunning Demi Rose Mawby To Be Your Valentine

Well, I found my Valentine. The extraordinary Demi Rose Mawby will be my date. I’ll cook her a nice home-cooked meal. Give her a foot massage. Murder foreign dictators. Whatever her lil heart desires.

Dazzling Demi proves that black and white photos are artsy.

I gotta be honest, that wallpaper is rather grandmotherly.

Double your pleasure with the delightful Demi.

I should have gone to the beach with the scintillating Miss Mawby.

Now THAT’S a neckline.

Nice boots.

I hope that isn’t a baby polar bear rug otherwise I would not care one iota I would still lust after Demi.

I wasn’t staring. I was just admiring your Jesus piece.



It’s not even fair.

Where is there a purse-snatcher when you need one?!?!

I loathe that towel.

Demi is good at fashion.

I hope that those sheets have at least an 800 thread count.

Not sure how those glasses haven’t melted yet.

Shirts are overrated.

I should have gone to the jungle today.