The Internet Is Convinced That Kylie Jenner Went And Got Herself A Boob Job… Let’s Investigate

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In news that doesn’t really matter, but means that we get to look at really fun photos, Kylie Jenner is being accused of getting a boob job because a few photos she shared recently.

Above and below are a couple of the photos Kylie shared on Instagram that got people to wondering and dropping comments like these…


“implants in the houseeeee.”

“Nice breast enlargements.”

“it looks like two mountains.”

and my personal fave…

“Boobs fresh from the factory I see.”

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I can see how one might come to those conclusions based on those photos. But the pics that really do it for me are the photos of her dressed up in her Christina Aguilera outfit a week ago versus her in a similar outfit for Halloween.

Check it. One week ago…

Birthday Bae

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