19-Year-Old Ellie Bamber From ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Is Your New Favorite Hot Ginger Actress

The recently released film Nocturnal Animals hasn’t exactly been blowing up the box office since its release so if you don’t know who Ellie Bamber is, that’s okay.

The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Isla Fisher and Amy Adams (I know, the two of them in the same film? Whaaaat?). However, British actress Ellie Bamber, who plays Jake and Isla’s daughter in the movie, is the one I noticed the most.

She’s also pretty much the only ginger actress I have been excited about since Isla Fisher and Amy Adams, okay, and maybe Emma Stone, and she’s only 19.

According to Wikipedia, in 2015, Bamber was chosen as one of the British Film Institute and Screen Daily – Screen Stars of Tomorrow. She’s also a musician and is in a band called Annoy the Boy, so she’s quite the talented woman.

Oh yeah, she’s also pretty attractive. That too.

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