Ellie Goulding Looks WAY Hotter After Ditching Makeup And Alcohol For A Whole Week



We’ve been posting a lot of pictures of Ellie Goulding in a bikini recently, but you know what you can’t see when Ellie’s in a bikini? Her face. Ellie’s best asset is the one up top rather than the one down yonder, and it’s a shame when she covers it up because the sun won’t calm the fuck down outside.

But, BUT…did you know Ellie looks even better without makeup than she does with? I’m not kidding. That fresh-faced look is something we all want but can’t necessarily achieve, yet Ellie pulls it off without a hitch. Plus, she nixed the booze from her diet for a week. Not sure if that makes any difference, but hey, if she says it does then who am I to argue?

And for reference, here’s Ellie WITH makeup:



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