The Mesmerizing Emily DiDonato Soaked And Sexy On The Beach Will Make Your Day So Much Better

For any of you out there that are somehow unfamiliar with model Emily DiDonato, first off let me say, I’m sorry, because I’ve been in love with this woman for years now.

Why is that, you might be asking?

Amazingly enough it’s not because of her wicked hot body which has performed for both the SI Swimsuit Issue (WHERE SHE WAS AM-AZ-ING) as well as Victoria’s Secret over the past few years, it’s because of her eyes. Emily DiDonato has got the sexiest eyes in the business. What is it with that dark hair, blue eyes combo that is just so appealing anyway? Because it’s rare? I don’t know, but damn, her eyes are sexy.

Anyway, my point is, despite her being all wet and occasionally rocking a semi-see-thru wet t-shirt in this video for Maxim, see if you can’t take a peek at her peepers so you can see what I mean. Gorgeous.