Emily Ratajkowski Soaking Wet, Topless And Showing Off Her Booty Will Make Your Day Much Better

Oh Emily Ratajkowski, we just can’t quit you.

Emily Ratajkowski is not only the greatest actress in the history of music videos, she’s also really damn good at modeling in bodypaint, and oh, yeah, posting half-naked pics to her stellar Instagram account. She like a five-tool player in the modeling world. Though I have no idea what those tools would be. I just like calling Emily Ratajkowski a five-tool player for some reason.

By the way, seeing this photo reminds me, I wonder how that whole changing her professional name to “Emily R” is working out?

Hang on, do I see a hint of sideboob in this latest topless photo? I think I do. She’s so smooth.

Since it’s been a few weeks since we checked in on Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram account here’s what else she’s been up to over there.

First, she had her nipples erased.

Then she once again wore a top that needed a zipper or some buttons, but luckily for us it didn’t have either one.


And then she wore this, which is nice.


End of report.