Sloan From ‘Entourage,’ AKA Emmanuelle Chriqui, Shows Off Some Bikini Sideboob For A Good Cause

I am sooooo glad that they finally made an Entourage movie. Because until recently Emmanuelle Chriqui sightings have been way too few and far between. But now, with the movie set to come out June 5th Chriqui has really started to step up her Instagram game.

For example, she posted the following bikini photo yesterday with a TL;DR caption about why we shouldn’t pollute our oceans. Of course the best way to get that message across, as you will see, is by donning a bikini and showing off a little sideboob.

Here’s what she had to say, in case you can’t take your eyes off her bikini long enough once you scroll down…

When I stand, looking out into the world and reflect on what’s important, I realize that it’s our shared experience. My heart goes out to all the voices in nature that fall on deaf ears. Our world becomes lonely as we pollute our oceans; as species become extinct. We must come together, not only for each other, but for the health of marine wildlife. They need us to listen and be compassionate. I’m donating my money to to help the plight of whales and our oceans. There is nothing more lonely than ignorance. @lonelywhale, I am paying attention!!!

And now, I am paying attention too!!! Save ALL the whales!

And here’s what I meant about Chriqui stepping up her Instagram game lately…

Thank you, Warner Bros.