Farrah Abraham May Be A Vapid Waste Of Space, But DAMN Does She Look Hot In A Corset And Panties

Okay, so Farrah Abraham might royally suck at picking fights on Twitter, she might be turning into a human blowup doll and she’s not so good at getting fillers injected into her lips, but you know what? I can overlook all of that, assuming I smash my head into a few walls and shove an ice pick up my nose in an attempt to give myself a home-lobotomy, because she actually looks really good in one of those stupid waist trainers. You know, the corsets chicks wear to make them skinny.

Public Statement Announcement: they don’t work unless you eat right and exercise too, hence why it LOOKS like they work when celebrities wear them. It’s not gonna help your fat ass to wear one while scarfing down a McTriple.