Following Playboy’s Miss July Kayla Rae Reid On Instagram Is A Smart Idea’ve said it before and, until proven wrong, I’ll continue to say it again and again—Instagram is, hands-down, the greatest social media site ever created.

Sure, following friends and seeing all of their photos of babies and shit can be entertaining, but they’ve got nothing on the hot models who love to post barely-clothed pictures on there, making us all double tap as fast as we can to like it. of those ladies happens to be Playboy’s Miss July, Kayla Rae Reid, who we introduced to you last week with some of her sexy Playboy pics to drool over., after being recommended to follow her Instagram account—which I promptly did—I couldn’t just keep this beauty to myself, instead thinking that more mouth-watering pics of her just had to be done. I really like you—and think she deserves even more attention—here are some of those incredibly steamy pictures of Kayla Rae Reid, so don’t hesitate to waste your time looking, dudes.

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