Hot New Trend Is Girls Wearing Nothing But Tape And I’m Okay With That

by 1 year ago

I’ll be frank with you, I haven’t seen any girls wearing only tape out in the clubs or bars. But there are numerous photos on Instagram of sexy girls wearing nothing but tape so it is a hot trend somewhere. Maybe only in one country, in one city, in one club, but it appears to be happening somewhere. Why are we even worrying about semantics? We’re talking about hot girls wearing tape here, not debating the moral ambiguity of when is and isn’t the correct time to dismiss an FBI director.

While it may not be happening everywhere, we do know that the trend is called the “Black Tape Project” and it was created by Joel Alvarez. Thus far the Black Tape Project has made rounds in Las Vegas, New York, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe.

And think how handy these ladies could be if a pipe springs a leak.

Like I said before, we aren’t splitting atoms here, we’re just appreciating the women who enjoy wearing tape as their clothes.

Where do I apply to be a tape costumer?

P.S. I feel sorry for the Armenian women who thought an outfit made out of tape was a fantastic idea up until the moment they had to peel the tape off their fuzzy bodies.

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