Guy Justifies Cheating On His Girlfriend Using The Most Outlandish Defense. It Does Not Work.


Neglect. Physical and emotional distance. Ex text while drunk. There are a number of reasons people cheat on their partners, but very few are as heroic as cheating to save mankind. That’s the tall tale the ex-boyfriend of Bella (pictured above) tried to swindle to weasel his way back into her good graces after getting a blowie from a persistent lady. His reasoning may sound outlandish, but if O.J. can get away with murder, this guy has a shot at convincing his girl that he cheated for science.

Bella posted her ex’s defense to Twitter, and it has since amassed over 200,000 likes and 82,000 retweets. I take it she wasn’t buying it.



Nice try bro. No swings, no hits. Unfortunately, today wasn’t your day.

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