Think Your Job Is Weird? This Guy Has To Repair Broken, Used Sex Dolls

realdoll vagina fixer

YouTube - RealStories

Taken from the documentary Love Me, Love My Doll, this video shows that for every job out there someone is more than willing to fill it.

Meet RealDolls expert Slade Fiero, the man whose occupation is fixing all of the broken vaginas on the RealDolls that are sent to his home for repair. His business card must be awesome.

The most noticeable thing about this video, at least to me and to probably anyone who watches, is the fact that bro doesn’t even slap on a pair of gloves when he goes to town on these artificial beauties.

Needless to say the video might be a tad NSFW, assuming rubber nude sex dolls aren’t acceptable viewing in your workplace.





Here’s the full documentary, because surely that video wasn’t enough… yeesh.

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