Behind The Scenes Of Hannah Davis’ Controversial, Nearly Naked SI Swimsuit Photo Shoot

Hannah Davis definitely earned that Swimsuit Issue cover.

Hannah Davis caused quite a stir with her ultra-suggestive SI Swimsuit cover this year. But that was nothing compared to what we get to see in this behind the scenes video of Hannah’s photo shoots. When I say that Hannah Davis is “nearly naked” in this video I ain’t lying. (Pause it at the 1:08 mark for one solid example.)

And since I know you didn’t come here for my “words,” the nearly naked part of Hannah Davis’ photo shoot that I was speaking of happens around the 0:25 mark and continues pretty much for the next full minute. You’re welcome. And screw you, Derek Jeter, you lucky bastard.

As an added bonus, here’s an even BETTER video that’s just chock full o’ Hannah Davis doing all sorts of sexy things including the rarely-seen, but always appreciated “paddle bra.”