Check Out The Heidi Klum Ads That Were BANNED in Las Vegas For Being TOO SEXY

Back in November we shared with you 26 SMOKING HOT pics and a video that took us behind the scenes of Heidi Klum’s new ad campaign for Sharper Image. Heidi was pretty much naked in many of those photos so you can see where this is headed.

So when Sharper Image debuted its holiday campaign featuring the supermodel last month the ads were deemed to be “too sexy” and banned from McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas. I repeat, in LAS VEGAS! They ran in newspapers, magazines and on billboards in Los Angeles and New York City, but, nope, not Vegas. Just too darn sexy, people.

Dari Marder, Chief Marketing Officer of Iconix Brand Group, commented, “We are shocked that the Sharper Image ads featuring Heidi Klum have been banned in Las Vegas– of all places. We believe the campaign is tasteful, beautiful and while sexy not inappropriate, in any way. The reaction to it has been fabulous to date and it is running in all forms of media without any issue.”

Check the ads out for yourself and see if YOU think they should have been banned.