Remember Heidi Montag From ‘The Hills’ TV Show? She’s Still Got One Crack-A-Lackin’ Bikini Body

Man, as anyone who was around for that run from 2006 to 2010 for that show The Hills remembers, Heidi Montag used to be EVERYWHERE on the internet.

Unfortunately, it also meant that her douchey boyfriend, now husband, Spencer Pratt was also right there alongside her most of those times.

Since then though, the two of them have pretty much vanished off the map. Which is fine for him, but Heidi, now 30, was always good for some sexy bikini pics now and then.

Since most of us probably didn’t catch her brief strip club run or on such hit shows as Celebrity Wife Swap, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 2, or this year on Celebrity Big Brother: All Stars vs. New Stars over in the UK she’s apparently gone back into bikini mode to drum up some interest.

Guess what? It worked, because here are some pics of her in a bikini and I am most certainly interested again.

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