Hilary Duff Spent A Little Time On The Beach, Do We Really Need To Say More?

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We do love us some Hilary Duff ’round these parts. Whether she’s slaying it on Snapchat or killing it in a bikini or talking about having sex in public, we’re big, big fans.


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Today we’re going to focus on the “killing it in a bikini” thing she likes to do. At least I guess that’s what you’d call what she was wearing on the beach. It’s a two-piece swimsuit so that makes it a bikini, right?

Hell, I don’t know. Women’s fashion confuses the hell out of me.

All I know is that she looks sexy in whatever it’s called. And really that’s all that matters here, isn’t it?


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Now this next outfit she has on is most definitely a bikini, I just wish whoever had taken the picture had done a better job of framing it.

@lowenban the reality has sunken in….. Take us back to #hawaii 😩😩😩

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