Hilary Duff Spent A Little Time On The Beach, Do We Really Need To Say More?

We do love us some Hilary Duff ’round these parts. Whether she’s slaying it on Snapchat or killing it in a bikini or talking about having sex in public, we’re big, big fans.

Today we’re going to focus on the “killing it in a bikini” thing she likes to do. At least I guess that’s what you’d call what she was wearing on the beach. It’s a two-piece swimsuit so that makes it a bikini, right?

Hell, I don’t know. Women’s fashion confuses the hell out of me.

All I know is that she looks sexy in whatever it’s called. And really that’s all that matters here, isn’t it?


Now this next outfit she has on is most definitely a bikini, I just wish whoever had taken the picture had done a better job of framing it.

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