Hot Lauren Tannehill Lost Her Husband Ryan’s Assault Rifle

by 6 years ago

Via the Miami Sun Sentinel:

When Lauren Tannehill returned a rental car this month in South Florida, she accidentally left a big surprise in the back seat: an AR-15 rifle, a Broward sheriff's report says. 

The rifle, valued at $2,000 and still in its case, remained in the Nissan Rogue when it was rented to another person hours later Jan. 4, the report said. 

The car was rented out to another customer, who then noticed the gun.

About three hours after that, the car was rented to Judith Fleissig, 58, of Rochester, N.Y., who called the E-Z Rent-A-Car … after she discovered the weapon, according to the Sheriff’s Office. 

Fleissig was instructed to turn it over to the nearest police station, and she gave it to the Hillsboro Beach Police Department. 

The rifle is legally registered to Ryan, but its unsure if he's gone and claimed it. 

A sheriff’s report said Tannehill was instructed to contact Hillsboro Beach police about getting the rifle back. Hillsboro Beach police didn’t immediately provide comment, so it was unclear whether the Tannehills have gotten the rifle back. 

Blondes, amirite? 

[Image via USA Today Sports]

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