Hottest Tattoo Trend Is Girls Getting Their Underboob Inked. Let’s Check Out Pics To Stay Abreast Of Latest Fad

You aspire to be an individual who is aware of the current trends and fads. Some you may embrace and later adopt, others may repulse you, but at least you are familiar with what is going on. You’d have to be a boob to not entertain this certain tattoo trend that is popular. Ladies are getting their underboob area tatted up. Tit tats?

Some call them underboob tattoos others call them sternum tattoos, whatever you call them, it really is a work of art. Some have artistic designs, flowers, owls, and even an Illuminati eye.

I’ve done my research on the undertit tat and now consider myself an expert after viewing 100s of examples. Here are some underboob tattoos so you can get acclimated to the fad.