Nudity and Some Old Favorites Remind Us Why We Love The Hottie Index

Ashley Benson
“Spring Breakers” is probably the most eagerly anticipated movie of the first half of 2013. I'm not sure if the movie was designed to be marketed to anyone other than young girls, but its content has certainly gotten everyone's attention, including ours. (Who doesn't want to see four hot chicks getting after it with booze, drugs, and bikinis for two hours?) The question of who the movie is actually marketed was raised again this week when Ashley Benson talked about her threesome in the movie to Seventeen  Magazine. The situation seemed to outrage some, but excited us. A threesome involving Benson, the best-looking of the four girls in the movie, Vanessa Hudgens, and James Franco just makes us more excited to see the movie. Besides, no R-rated flick is designed for teens anyway, right?

Danielle Fishel
Excitement built when it was announced that a “Boy Meets World” sequel was coming to TV. There’s obviously some genius behind the whole thing because the next move was to put the large-breasted Fishel on the Maxim cover. Even though the show is planned for the Disney channel, her pictorial in Maxim is obviously for the more mature fans. It’s about time she capitalized on her jugs to further her career, which has been rather non-existent since the original show.

Chrissy Teigen
Speaking of someone who knows how to further her career, this BroBible favorite really knows how to commemorate an occasion. Teigen thought there would be no better way to celebrate reaching 200,000 Twitter followers than to post a photo to Instagram and Tweet it out. But it’s not just any photo. Teigen photographed herself fully nude getting splashed in the face by water from a hose. The imagery and her creative are absolutely superb. She continues to show why she’s one of our favorites.

Emilia Clarke
“Game of Thrones” is now less than a month away and one of its leading stars is again attracting attention. Clarke won us over with her GQ photo shoot earlier this year, but now she’s on Broadway causing riots with a full-frontal nude scene. People are actually taking out their cameras and phones to take pictures of Clarke in the middle of her performance. The whole situation is causing security to be heightened, but I’d like the theatre to acknowledge things could be worse. At least it’s only their phones that these bros are actually taking out in the middle of the theatre.

Melissa King
We end the Hottie Index with a nude performance that takes things a step further than anything else we’ve seen this week. It was confirmed that King, the now former Miss Teen Delaware, is the girl getting blown up by some random dude’s dong in a porn video that circulated recently. She even has a video consenting to getting pounded out. I’m not sure what kind of professional career she was looking to use her Miss Teen Delaware title as a starting point for, but it might be hard for her to do anything other than getting laid out for money. But hey, those teen years are all about finding out what you’re good at.