We Can See-Through to a Great Group of Five in This Week’s Hottie Index

Elizabeth Debicki
I usually listen to “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio during the work day. This week he made a bet with his producer that “Ironman 3” would be more successful at the box office this weekend in its second week than “The Great Gatsby” would be in its first week. One thing likely to help Gatbsy is the gaggle of women who want to see Leo on the big screen. Debicki isn’t of the same fame as some, but at least she looks the part in case you get dragged there with your lady. Debicki’s only 22 and this movie is her coming-out party. Hope she enjoys the paparazzi from here on out.

Olivia Culpo
Speaking of the Great Gatsby, there was a screening for the movie in New York this week. While there were some other names there, it was Culpo who stole the show with a see-through dress. The 21-year-old has slipped out of view a little bit since winning the Miss Universe crown last year, but she’s most surely slipped back into view with this outfit.

Jessica Alba
Alba made a lot of mothers jealous when she shed her baby weight and got back down to her pre-pregnancy size. Her ways of doing so was rather manic as she wore a double corset for three straight months to shed the fat. We thank her for doing so because now she has no problem showing off her body, including a see-through bra that she was rocking this week. Obviously she wasn’t trying to show off her tits, but sometimes there is such a thing as a good mistake.

Maria Sharapova
We’re only two weeks away from Memorial Day, which means summer and tennis being a relevant sport again. The French Open starts things back up and the reigning champion is the best looking woman on tour. Just in case you forgot what she looked like, Sharapova was killing it in her tennis outfit in Madrid and in Esquire. The bikini pictures in Esquire are the champion of this battle.

Megan Fox
The days of sexy roles are over according to Fox. She’s a mom now and doesn’t want to get the wrong impression out there despite the fact that she looks better than 99% of the actresses out there. The problem is she can still make jumping on a trampoline sexy, especially if she’s dressed in a tight top. And she thought “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” was a role fit for a mother because she wasn’t going to be wearing April O’Neil’s typical jumpsuit. Fortunately for us, her looks don’t disappear that easily.