JCVD’s Sizzling Hot Daughter Bianca Van Damme Has Got One Kickass Bikini Body

You see what I did in the headline there? Smooth, right?

Has it really been over a year since we last checked in on Jean-Claude Van Damme’s super sexy and very talented daughter Bianca Van Damme? I guess that it has. My how time flies.

Well, that’s just far, far too long so let’s remedy that oversight today, shall we?

Thankfully for us, the timing couldn’t be any better since Bianca Van Damme recently did a crazy hot photo shoot for the New York Post in which she not only was wearing a bikini, she also performed her father’s famous splits while wearing it.

The last time we saw Bianca doing her dad’s splits it was way back during that whole Ice Bucket Challenge craze.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as you can see.

Oh yeah, doing the splits isn’t the only talent that she inherited from her famous father. She can also kick your ass just about as quickly as he could back in the day (and probably today as well).

Man, I love this woman.