Smoking Hot Jenell Hendrix Selected As The 2015 Hooters Girl of the Year

Each year Hooters selects one woman out of the 30,000 Hooters Girls worldwide to be the Hooters Girl of The Year and in 2015 that honor goes to a woman we’ve featured here before: Jenell Hendrix. Are we good or what?

Over the course of her career with Hooters Jenell Hendrix has been featured as a Calendar Girl for the past three years, and has represented the Champaign, Illinois Hooters several times in the Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant, taking home the Miss Congeniality title in 2012.

Jenell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from the University of Illinois. And when she’s not sporting the orange shorts, Hendrix models professionally and most recently made an appearance in the new TV drama, Empire.

Check out the video of Jenell we featured few months ago and some of the sexiest snaps from her tremendous Instagram account and you’ll see some of why she took home the 2015 Hooters Girl of the Year honors.

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