J-Lo Has Reportedly Split With Her Backup Dancer BF, So Let’s Welcome Her Back On The Market With Some Of Her Hottest Pics

So remember how that backup dancer named Casper weaseled his way into the arms of one of the true goddesses of the world? The dude was like ‘Hell ya I can do the Macarena’ and she was like ‘Oh that’s hot, let’s stay together for far too long and become a befuddling couple that everybody but us will see ending before marriage because I’m old enough to be your mother.’

Well, they stuck it out for a solid four years, which is even more impressive when you begin to speculate how the hell they had any fun together.

Casper said a couple years back:

“We don’t really go out very much,” he explained. “We both don’t drink, we don’t do any drugs, smoking, pills or any of the craziness. We don’t get wrapped up in the Hollywood life that can chew you up and spit you out. I’ve seen it happen a million times.”

I can’t even hang out with myself for an extended period of time without any substances, never mind trying to cultivate an enriching relationship bone sober.

People reports that the 29-year-old Casper Smart and the 47-year-old Lopez have split on good terms and will remain friends blah blah PR speak.

So let’s welcome back J-Lo back on the market with some of her most sweat-inducing pics.


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