Jennifer Lopez Shaking Her Booty In Skin Tight White Jeans Is Worth Your Time

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Oops;) I got her again. @jlo #miaminights #bff #booty #breaktheinternet #casatua

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I know I’m not alone when I say that I look at pictures of myself literally last year and I look fresher, healthier. Flash forward to today, I got bags under my eyes, my bitch tits have grown exponentially, my skin has become more porous, weathered. And I’m only 29. At 47 years old, I’m probably going to look like a fucking Crypt Keeper.

I just don’t know how J-Lo does it. She’s only a few years away from the half century mark and she looks like she could still be carded buying beer. It’s astounding. And she’s not hot in that “I filled myself with plastic to combat aging” way. She looks naturally beautiful. Time simply doesn’t beat the shit out of her like it does me. Time as well as cigarettes, alcohol, and large meat lovers pizzas.

Take in the beauty:

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