GOD-DAMN, Look At How Long Jessica Simpson’s Tongue Is

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jessica simpson tongue

Jessica Simpson, Instagram

Jessica Simpson is operating in Gene Simmons’ territory here.

Every now and then I get a tip about a photo or a story and it turns out to be worthwhile. Today someone contacted me about a photo Jessica Simpson posted to Instagram last week that I somehow missed so I checked it out. My reaction to the photo was exactly this, “Jesus Christ.”

Take a look and see what your reaction is…

The Tongue The Polka Dot and The Cloak

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This photo led me to wondering if this was the first time Jessica Simpson has ever showed off this amazing gift of hers and…nope!

Big hands I know you're the one

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How am I just learning about this now?

Of course, while I was there snooping around for more tongue photos I also came across these recent photos that I’d also not seen. They’re pretty nice too. A little weird, but still nice. Thanks for the tip, anonymous person!!

FRINGE #happyholidays @kristingram - photo cred

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Mirrors and Fringe @kristingram #happyholidays 🙌

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