Couple Dressed As The Joker And Harley Quinn Shot By Police While ‘Having Sex’ At Swingers Party

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Here is a tragic story about a cosplaying couple dressing up like The Joker and Harley Quinn to attend a swingers party only to be shot by police. We take you to Melbourne, Australia where this bizarre tale unfolded and will have you thinking twice about dressing up like The Joker. Dale Ewins, 35, pretended to be The Joker and Zita Sukys (How do you pronounce that last name?), 37, dressed as Harley Quinn and they both went to a swingers sex party. They went to the Saints and Sinners Ball at the Inflation nightclub, where it has been held for 20 years without incident until now when they were both shot in the middle of having sex. This has to be the worst cockblock in the entire history of cockblocks.

Melbourne police received multiple reports that a man was armed with a gun in an upstairs room at the nightclub before 3 a.m. on Saturday. One of the people who allegedly called the cops was an ex-girlfriend of Ewins. Cops rushed to the scene after the emergency calls (You know damn well every cop in the vicinity were eager to respond to a situation at a swinger party). The police barged into the swinger party that had 100 people and allegedly Ewins had a gun in his hand, but it turns out that it was a fake gun that he was using as a prop as part of his costume.

“Police called on the male, the male took the firearm from his pants and aimed it at police,” said Superintendent Lisa Hardeman (Of course that’s the police spokesperson on this particular situation). Officers then shot the man in the torso after he allegedly pulled out a gun. “A number of shots were fired,” Hardeman said. “A number of police options were used after he was shot.” That included the man also being tasered. When this guy said he “wanted to go to the gang bang,” I don’t think this is what he meant.

The staff at Inflation nightclub say they knew the gun was fake and informed the police before they entered the room. An investigation into the shooting has been launched. This is probably not the first of the last time that someone’s gun has gone off prematurely at a swingers party and had to apologize afterward. Zita also suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and was taken to the hospital. Dale remains in a serious condition, but thankfully both Harley Quinn and The Joker have non-life-threatening injuries.

Zita Sukys


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