Justin Bieber Allegedly Got Slapped By This SMOKIN’ Hot Playmate For Grabbing Her Boob


Playboy Playmate Sarah Harris from New Zealand was doing an interview with The Edge 96.ONE’s Mike E & Emma when she told the story of how she tried to help Justin Bieber out only to end up with him grabbing her boob.

Quick show of hands here, who is shocked by this alleged behavior from someone who is so close to God? Anyone? Okay, back to the story.

Reportedly one of the Playboy bunnies in attendance was upset that Bieber wouldn’t take a picture with her at the Playboy Mansion. Harris, siding with Justin says she told the bunny, “Look babe, we’ve kind of been taking photos all night and we’re over it – imagine how he feels, he gets that every single day.”

Take it from here, Daily Mail

Justin thanked Sarah for defending him, hugging her and giving her a kiss on the cheek before suddenly making an unwanted advance as he made his way out of the party with reality star Kylie Jenner.

“And then he grabbed my boob! And it was my instant reaction to just backhand him across the face,” Sarah insisted.

The statement was met with a roar of laughter from the breakfast show duo, with Mike E exclaiming, “so he is a cheeky little b*st*rd!” before Emma interjected with, “That’s invasive!”

“He kind of freaked out and didn’t even say anything and then Kylie Jenner pulled the finger at me and then security took them both out,” she insisted smugly.

Three days later, Justin sheepishly returned to the Playboy mansion and apologised to the her, she says.

Harris went on to say that now she and Bieber “actually get along okay.”

Fuckin’ Bieber, dude gets away with everything.

Obligatory pics of Sarah below because, damn this woman is sexy…