Check Out The 100% Straight Fire Model That Justin Bieber Is Reportedly Smashing Now

Word on the street is that Justin Bieber is now hooking up with one of my all time crushes, Moldovan model Xenia Deli.

I’ve been crushing on Xenia Deli ever since I saw her in one of the sexiest videos ever, shot for the Sports Illustrated South Africa Swimsuit Issue, a few years back.

Now there is hope that he isn’t dating her as she does appear in his upcoming music video for “What Do You Mean?” but who are we kidding?

Video has surfaced on Bieber and Deli, fours years Bieber’s senior and a former Victoria’s Secret model, getting all cozy at the piano in Los Angeles. TMZ says that they were “showing some PDA” and then hit the clubs together afterwards too.

Why must you ruin EVERYTHING, Bieber?!

Now, if this rumored romance is true, I wouldn’t even talk to Xenia if she approached me at a party and started flirting. That crush is officially dead.

Okay, that’s 100% a lie, but still I’m not happy.

Maybe these sexy photos of Xenia will make me feel better.

Well, that one didn’t help! Is that a tribute to Bieber and his piano playing skills?! Dammit…

Bikini and lingerie pics, STAT!!