Does Kim Kardashian Look Like A Bloated Daenerys Targaryen In This Instagram Photo, Or Does She Look Hot?

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I’m torn. I love me some Game of Thrones and I definitely do love me some Kim Kardashian, but my girl Kim has been hit and miss lately. The platinum blonde hair just doesn’t “do it” for me, plus all that ish going on with her brother Rob Kardashian dissing her on social media…shit’s getting weird over on the Kardashian side of the world. But I’ve digressed, so let’s get back to the point.

On one hand, Kim Kardashian has given us smoking hot photos like this:

#FBF Kourtney & Kim Taking Miami in 2007

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And this:


But today she gave us something different. Yes, there’s a lot of cleavage (it’s Kim Kardashian we’re talking about here, that shit’s a given) and yes, girl’s got her makeup done and looks hot and yadda yadda…but all I’m seeing is a bloated Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones:


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For your reference, here’s Daenerys:


HBO / Wikipedia

And now here’s the two of them together:


HBO / Wikipedia & Instagram

Who do you think wins, Kim or Daenerys?

[Images via Instagram, Wikipedia & HBO]

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