Kat Dennings Of ‘2 Broke Girls’ In A Sexy, Low-Cut Black Dress Is Quite The Attention-Getter

We don’t cover Kat Dennings of 2 Broke Girls nearly enough here for my liking. I suppose that could be because other than work on that show and appear in the occasional Thor movie I don’t recall her doing a whole lot else worth mentioning. She must prefer to keep things low-key. Kind of refreshing actually.

In fact, it’s been almost two years since we even mentioned her here. Which as you can see from this dress she wore to one of the plethora of Grammys parties the other day is a real shame.

Now I have never actually watched 2 Broke Girls so I couldn’t even tell you if she’s any good as an actress. I just know my curiosity is now piqued.

Have any of you seen it? Is it any good? Because I am definitely thinking I might have to give it a shot now.

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