Kate Beckinsale In A Sports Bra And Yoga Pants Showing How Limber She Is Will Make Today Great Again

by 1 year ago

With all of the stress of the election dragging us down I thought to myself, what can I do to help alleviate some of that tension?

Then I saw this photo that Kate Beckinsale shared to Instagram and all was once again right with my world. Thus I share.

Her dog knows what’s up…

I mean, really, how can anyone look at that, and read the caption she wrote and not feel better?

“Ingrid gets anxiety if she doesn’t have eyes on my crotch at all times. If anyone else has concerns it is reading ‘Nutshell’ by Ian McKewan while we wait for the dishwasher to finish rinse cycle.”

LOVE this woman. Not only is she arguably the hottest mom on the planet she’s also hands-down one of the funniest people I follow on social media.

Heck, the last time we saw her she was telling penis jokes in a see-through top on Seth Meyers and before that awhile back she was dressed up in a penis costume.

I have shared some of her hilarious tweets before, but since this week is the week from hell, I think you could use a few more as well as some of her funny Instagrams. Oh, and some more sexy pics. That too.

First the funny…

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