Kate Hudson Won The Golden Globe Award For Hottest MILF On The Planet

kate hudson golden globes

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So the Golden Globes kicked off awards season Sunday night. Yes, I know the People’s Choice Awards were last week, but the fact that the show was held on a Wednesday is all you really need to know there. So yeah, it was the Golden Globes that “officially” kicked off the endless list of awards shows that runs for the next few months.

As usual there really was no real point in watching other than to see what everybody wore and as usual the real winners were all crowned on the red carpet. Two who particularly dominated last night were Katy Perry and Kirsten Dunst, yes, Kirsten Dunst, you guys remember her right? She was on Fargo last year, which is why she was at the show, and from the looks of her dress Sunday night I guess I should have really watched it last season.

As for Katy Perry, well, what else would you expect? Just another day at the office for her.

And then there was Kate Hudson, arguably the sexiest, most fun celebrity mom on the planet. Now of course I was making up the whole Golden Globe for Hottest MILF award, but you’d be hard pressed to have found a hotter mom in the room Sunday night.

Then again, there were some people I know that said they thought Hudson looked trashy. She looked “like a trashier version of 90s Britney Spears,” to be exact. To that I say, hell yeah she did.

Check it…

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